Why using a Mail Forwarder?

Hide your old xxx.yyy@anyprovider.com adress

A Mail Forwarder allows you to hide your old xxx.yyy@anyprovider.com adress while still using it. You will continue using your old mail provider (hotmail/gmail/yahoo/...) but no one will see your old mail adress anymore. Instead all the mails sent to your.name@bestmail.ws will get redirected to your old mail adress and whenever you send an e-mail it will display your.name@bestmail.ws as sender adress.

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Mail Forwarder Pricing Table

  • Plan Specifications

  • Mail Forwarder

  • 0,39 /month
  • First.Lastname@bestmail.ws
  • Traffic
  • Unlimited
  • High Security
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Malware

Main Features

Guaranteed Network Uptime 24/7

We guarantee a 99.99% uptime of our services.


Your mails are getting scanned with two different Anti-Virus engines to ensure high security.


Two seperate Anti-Spam engines will block all the annoying spam.

For Professional Business

Instead of your old and emberassing mail adress people will see a more professional First.Lastname@bestmail.ws adress.

Unlimited Storage & Bandwith

You will never run out of space or reach a transfer limit.

High Security

Our mail services use the latest security technologys to ensure that only you are able to read your mails.